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Warwickshire County Council are formally proposing waiting restrictions in Central Park Drive, Rugby, and surrounding streets.

Scheme Overview

Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Warwickshire County Council are proposing a variation to parking restrictions in the Borough of Rugby. 

Located on Central Park Drive, Rugby, are a number of industrial units, as well as a primary school.There are often multiple Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s) parked in the carriageway, with high volumes of traffic flow and short-term parked vehicles at school pick up and drop off times.

Double yellow lines have been installed previously on sections of Central Park Drive, but there have continued to be longstanding reports of traffic flow difficulties at peak times and issues around visibility when parked HGVs are present.Further double yellow lines were advertised in 2020 but withdrawn having received multiple objections, considered and upheld by the Portfolio Holder for Transport & Planning.

Following further correspondence with councillors and other interested parties, revised proposals were informally consulted upon in May/June 2023, incorporating further double yellow lines and a 3 hour Limited Waiting restriction on the remaining available parking places.

96 responses were received, of which 19 were not in favour (approx. 80% favourable, including some offering suggested minor amendments); a common theme amongst responses was concern that Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) could still be present in significant numbers during the peak traffic times (both vehicular and pedestrian) around school opening and closing.

Taking into account the feedback received, proposals have therefore been amended to include a 1 hour Limited Waiting restriction on the remaining parking places, and with apparent level of public support the proposals as outlined below are to be formally consulted upon.


Enquiries and Representations

Any objections or representations to the proposals, which must be in writing and specify the grounds on which they are made, should be addressed to Phil Mitton, County Highways, Minor Works Team, Shire Hall Post Room, Rear of Shire Hall, Northgate Street, Warwick, CV34 4RL, or sent by email to with "Central Park Drive" as the subject header.

Objections, representations, and the name of the objector or person making a representation, will normally be treated as public information and may be published. For further information on how Warwickshire County Council processes personal data please refer to the Customer Privacy Notice which is available at

Objections and representations must be sent so as to be received by 6 October 2023.


Public Notice and Legal Orders

Public Notice (PDF, 1116 kB)

Statement of Reasons (PDF, 137 kB)

Borough of Rugby CPE Variation Order No.7 (2023) (PDF, 122 kB)

Borough of Rugby CPE Consolidation Order (2017) (PDF, 1455 kB) (Order being varied)


Technical Plans

Plan Ref. PTRO22-028-01-Rev 1 (PDF, 458kB)

Map Ref. DY100 Rev 2 (PDF, 909kB)

Map Ref. DY101 Rev 1 (PDF, 594kB)

Map Ref. DZ100 Rev 1 (PDF, 683kB)

Map Ref. DZ101 Rev 1 (PDF, 600kB)

Published: 14th September 2023

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