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At a recent meeting, Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet undertook to explore the opportunity of seeking full constituent membership status of the West Midland’s Combined Authority.

Significant work has since been done to look at a Governance Review and the terms on which the WMCA might be expanded to include Warwickshire Councils. 

Whilst the work undertaken around the Governance Review to date indicates significant potential benefits from such an opportunity, a key part of this process would include a public consultation across the West Midlands and Warwickshire, along with the compilation of evidence to underpin a decision. It has become ever clearer that it is not possible to undertake that consultation within the necessary timescales whilst upholding Warwickshire’s strongly held principles of integrity and credibility. 

A major change such as this, is one which should be given the time and consideration it warrants.  The residents of Warwickshire, and those of the wider West Midlands, deserve the respect of full consideration to be sure that the evidence supports any decision.  With the timeline set out for us, it has become clear that we could not deliver an evidenced case.

As a collective, Local Government needs to sustain the strength of our wonderful Region and the continued success of the West Midlands Combined Authority which has achieved so much for the Region.  Warwickshire County Council will remain committed to the WMCA as an active and fully engaged non-constituent member. 

Published: 25th July 2023

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