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Summer isn't summer without a picnic.  Here are our top tips to avoid waste.

Summer isn't summer without a picnic.  Here are our top tips to avoid waste.

What can you include in a ‘Waste Free’ picnic?

  • Pack sandwiches in a reusable container or kitchen roll/ greaseproof paper that can be composted.
  • Buy large packets of biscuits, crisps, raisins and put a few in a reusable container.
  • Eat fruit snacks, as leftovers can be composted.
  • Take drinks in a reusable drinks bottle.
  • Use cutlery that can be washed and used again.

What to avoid in a ‘Waste Free’ lunch?

  • Foil or clingfilm.
  • Individually packed items i.e. biscuits, fruit, cheese, chocolate.
  • Drinks in throw-away bottles, cartons, or foil pouches.

 Remember to use your recycling facilities at home for cans, bottles, paper and card.

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Published: 19th June 2023

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