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Help is available to Warwickshire residents who are feeling stressed due to money worries.

As the cost of household bills rises, many people around the country are finding it harder to keep up with their finances. Financial stress can have a huge impact on our mental health, particularly if it is over a prolonged period.

Stress can have many different effects, including physical symptoms such as muscle tension, headaches and nausea, or mental symptoms like feeling overwhelmed or difficulty concentrating. It can also cause changes to behaviour such as sleeping too much or too little, being irritable or drinking more alcohol. This can lead to more significant physical or mental issues if not addressed. Stress can also impact personal relationships and the ability to keep up with work, causing problems in other areas of life.

If you or someone you know is feeling stressed due to the costs of living, there are various types of help available, depending on what support you need and how stressed you are feeling.

You can download a self-help guide to dealing with stress from Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust, including more information about what stress is and what causes it, plus ways to manage your stress and stay well.

For those wanting to safeguard against their stress getting worse, Wellbeing For Life provides suggestions and advice for improving your mental and physical wellbeing across all stages of life.

For those struggling to cope, there is a confidential helpline to provide emotional support. The highly skilled and compassionate staff can offer a listening ear and put you in touch with a wider network of support. Call 0800 616 171 (available 24/7) or visit Wellbeing For Warwickshire for other methods of contact. 

Severe financial stress can lead to thoughts of self-harm or suicide. For support, visit the Dear Life website.

Councillor Margaret Bell, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care, said:

“It is completely normal to be worrying about money at the moment. However, it is important that this doesn’t start impacting other areas of your life, like sleeping, your health, work and your relationships. It is always easier to address problems early, so if you are starting to feel overwhelmed, reach out now for support.

“If you are at the point where you feel like you can’t cope, it’s even more important to get help. Call the Wellbeing For Warwickshire helpline or speak to your GP as soon as you can.”

This week is Talk Money week: an opportunity for everyone to get involved with activities across the UK which help people have more open conversations about their money, from pocket money to pensions, and continue these conversations year-round. More information about the week and what's on can be found on the Money and Pensions Service website.

Against the backdrop of steep increases in daily living costs, the lead up to the festive period can bring additional financial pressures resulting in money worries. To address this, some thrifty and creative ideas will be shared each day to help minimise Christmas expenses at @bestwarwickshire #FestiveThrift on Instagram. Advice will include smart shopping, meal prepping, homemade gifts, and other money-saving ideas.

Cost of living support and advice is available on the cost of living webpages.

Information to stay safe and well can be found on the council’s Wellness webpages.

Published: 11th November 2022