Ensuring Warwickshire’s children and 
young people have access to school places

Warwickshire County Council Cabinet today (Thursday 10 November 2022) endorsed the annual school places sufficiency report for 2022.

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet gave their endorsement for the schools sufficiency statement, which details the number of school places that are available across the County at both Primary and Secondary level.

The sufficiency statement details the current level of school place provision in Warwickshire and how many more places are expected to be required over subsequent years up until 2028.

With the growth in secondary pupil numbers expected across much of the county, WCC Cabinet noted that extensive proposals to expand provision at existing schools and to develop new schools will ensure all children and young people in the County have access to the high-quality education that they deserve.

The future proposals outlined in the update would be in addition to the significant investment that has already been made in recent years to increase school places in Warwickshire, including expansion at Stratford Upon Avon School, Shipston High School, Kenilworth School, Etone Collage in Nuneaton and The Queen Elizabeth Academy in Atherstone.

Alongside this, Warwickshire has seen the new Houlton School open in Rugby and will welcome the opening of Oakley School in Warwick/ Leamington in September 2023, providing more secondary school places alongside housing developments as the county grows.

Cllr Kam Kaur, Warwickshire County Council Portfolio Holder for Education, said: “At Warwickshire County Council the educational attainment of the County’s children and young people is a key priority for us. Supporting us towards this aspiration, I am thankful to say, is the fact that Warwickshire is a county that boasts so many schools that have been rated as Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

“This report is really positive as it demonstrates that, despite rapidly changing demographics and need for school places at both Primary and Secondary Level that we can continue to be a County that ensures its children and young people have access to a school and the education that they deserve.”

Cllr Peter Butlin, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Property and Finance, added: “Despite the expected increasing demand for Secondary School places over the next 6 years, we are confident that Warwickshire is prepared through the prudent use of existing buildings and new builds, supported by our Capital Investment Fund, where required will ensure that we stay ahead of the game and ensure children do not go without a school place.”

A copy of the Cabinet Report is available here: https://democracy.warwickshire.gov.uk/documents/s27406/Annual%20Sufficiency%20Update%202022.pdf

Find out more about education in Warwickshire, here: https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/education-learning

Published: 10th November 2022