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Residents urged to help reduce Warwickshire’s residual waste

As Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet gives the approval to tender for a new waste management contract, residents are reminded they have a role to play in reducing residual waste.

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet today (Thursday 10 November 2022) gave their approval to tender a new waste management contract to deal with around 30,000 tonnes of the County’s residual waste.

The Council seeks to minimise waste and then to reuse, recycle and compost as much of the remaining waste as possible thereby reducing residual waste in Warwickshire that must be disposed of.

The Council recycles about half of Warwickshire’s household waste but still manages in the region of 130,000 tonnes of residual waste a year. Approximately 100,000 tonnes of this waste is sent to energy from waste facilities, where energy is extracted from the waste in the form of electricity and/or heat.

The remaining 30,000 tonnes are disposed of via landfill. The Council has two contracts for landfill disposal, one of which expires in March 2023, which forms the basis of this approval to tender.

The Council needs to secure a treatment or disposal service for the municipal residual waste (predominantly in the East of Warwickshire) that is currently disposed of under the expiring contract. 

The best value-for-money solution is likely to be achieved through tendering a service as the Council does not own a site for the treatment or disposal of the waste itself.

Warwickshire County Council is taking this opportunity to remind Warwickshire residents that there are things that everyone can do that will help minimise the County’s residual waste and the amount that has to go into landfill facilities.

Councillor Heather Timms, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Climate & Culture said: “Although our target is to only send less than 10% of Warwickshire’s household waste to landfill, this method of disposal is hugely costly to tax-payers and equally costly to our environment.

“The good news is that there are a range of things that all our residents can do to reduce the amount of residual waste that is produced and the amount of this that is disposed of in landfill. We have made tremendous progress in Warwickshire reusing, recycling and composting our waste and we hope to see these positive behaviours continue and spread as we strive for a Warwickshire that is sustainable now and for future generations.”

A copy of the Cabinet Report is available here:

Find out more about household waste recycling in Warwickshire, here:

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For more information about how Warwickshire County Council is facing the challenges of the climate change emergency, visit:

Published: 10th November 2022

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