Diamond bus

Some Bus services in these areas are changing.

Service 15 (Tamworth-Kingsbury-Hurley/Wood End/Piccadilly): Renumbered 76B and timetable revised.

Service 67 (Redditch-Studley): Withdrawn and replaced by a re-routed Service 247 with a revised timetable.

Service 76 (Tamworth-Ventura Park-Kingsbury-Coleshill-Sutton Coldfield): Reduced in frequency between Tamworth and Kingsbury and a revised timetable introduced. Service 76A (early morning and late afternoon) continues, with a revised timetable.

Service 247 (Redditch-Studley-Alcester-Bidford-Evesham): Rerouted between Redditch Bus Station and Alexandra Hospital via the current Service 67 route, and reduced in frequency over whole route.

These service will be operated by Diamond Bus (www.diamondbuses.com) and detailed timetables will be available on their website shortly.

Published: 5th August 2022