Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

The opening ceremony for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will be happening this evening (Thursday 28 July) and Warwickshire is looking forward to taking part in this once in a generation event.

Over the course of the next week, Warwickshire will be hosting the Lawn and Para Lawn Bowls at Royal Leamington Spa's Victoria Park, from 29 July to 6 August, bringing thousands of visitors to the region. This event is being hosted by our partners, Warwick District Council.

Then, on Sunday 7 August, the roads of Warwick and Leamington Spa will host the start and finish of the men's and women's Cycling Road Races, with world class competitors from all around the Commonwealth, completing laps (7 laps and 120km for women, 10 laps and 160km for men) of a route around the district.

Warwickshire County Council will be hosting the event and, over recent months, has been organising everything from getting the roads ready and in the best condition for the cyclists through to organising with residents and businesses getting roads clear of vehicles and parked elsewhere.

Warwickshire has a fabulous track record for hosting major cycling events, having hosted stages of the Women’s Tour since 2016 and the men’s event, the Tour of Britain, in 2019.

The Commonwealth Games will have a global audience of millions and is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the best that the county has to offer to an international audience. Warwickshire can expect a significant increase in the volume of tourists coming to the county in the future as a direct result of the Games.

Cllr Heather Timms, Warwickshire County Council, Portfolio Holder for Environment, Climate & Culture, said: “We are very excited that there are only hours left to go until the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and very proud that the location of the road races will be Warwick and that, with our partners in the District Council, we will be hosting this incredible sporting event in 10 day’s time.

“Warwickshire has been building an international reputation as a venue for world-class cycling for years since the county first hosted a stage of the Women’s Tour and, later, of the Tour of Britain. This is another opportunity for us to shine in front of a global audience.

“The Games coming to our region is truly a once in a lifetime event and I hope our residents will take the opportunity to come along to our live site in Warwick to experience the excitement of the games on the big screen in Market Square or turn out to spectate on the Road Races on Sunday 7 August.”

Travel to the events:

We would like to encourage attendees to travel actively, by foot or bike. If you are traveling by bike there are many locations throughout Warwick which are staffed, to park your bike. If active travel is not possible, public transport will be available:

If travelling by car check the parking available locally at:

Find out more about the Commonwealth Games in Warwickshire:

Published: 28th July 2022