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More than 300 apprentices have launched their career within Warwickshire County Council in the last decade and we offer new apprenticeship opportunities every year.

Hear from some of our apprentices about what it’s like to work here and how they’re making a difference to Warwickshire communities in their roles:

Danni - Business Analyst Apprentice 

Danni Chan, Business Analyst Apprentice

Danni Chan, Business Analyst Apprentice

“I’d heard from other people that WCC is a great place to work, so my decision was easy! I liked the idea of being able to earn w

“I joined Warwickshire County Council (WCC) in November 2021 as a Business Analyst Apprentice within the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) after relocating to Warwickshire.  hile you learn and gain on the job experience. So far, my apprenticeship has been really beneficial and I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had.  

“Whilst working in the busy PMO team, I have gained a lot of useful experience and knowledge. I have been involved in a variety of projects that have given me the chance to get in contact with different partners. Most importantly in my role, I’m helping to improve Warwickshire and make it a better place to live.  

“The broad purpose of a Business Analyst Apprentice (BAA) is to understand the needs of stakeholders and how these can be met through business change and digital solutions. So, my day-to-day work depends on the project that I am involved in; from arranging and booking meetings, to assisting in the data analysis process, and getting involved in stakeholder analysis and management. I have the chance to get in contact with people from different operational levels, gaining an understanding of what they do and how it is all part of a big puzzle. If one part of the puzzle is missing, then the project can’t be completed. 

“Through my apprenticeship I have gained valuable skills and confidence that will help me throughout my future career. When working with different teams I get a broader insight into what we do across the Council and how we can improve as a whole. To anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship, you will have huge learning opportunities in a nice place to work with supportive people around you.” 

Andre - Apprentice Community Development Worker - Nuneaton & Bedworth  

Andre Russell, Apprentice Community Development Worker

Andre Russell, Apprentice Community Development Worker

“I decided to apply for an apprenticeship at Warwickshire County Council (WCC) because I wanted to work with people, to help people. I wanted to make my impact on the community, so I joined as an Apprentice Community Development Worker in June 2021. 

“My role is based and focused on community work, and I attend different community groups, youth groups, and community events which I really enjoy. As a team, our main objective is to help communities to help themselves. We support them to flourish to be the best communities that they can be. 

“One of the things that I most enjoy about working for WCC is the agile working style. Being a Community Development Worker isn’t really a 9 to 5 role. You need that flexibility to meet with community groups at a time that suits them. I have control of my time which means I can attend some community events or meetings in the evenings.  “To anyone thinking of applying for an apprenticeship – just go for it! You’ll be able to increase your knowledge and you will have the opportunity to learn. For me personally, I have also really developed my self-confidence. My apprenticeship has allowed me to gain main skills and given me a great insight into how a local authority works.” 

Pippa – Children’s Safeguarding & Support Apprentice 

Pippa Chivers, Children's Safeguarding & Support Apprentice

Pippa Chivers, Children's Safeguarding & Support Apprentice

“I joined WCC in October 2021 working within the Family and Information centre as a family support worker apprentice. In my role, I supervise family times for children in care with their siblings and/or parents. I put together reports after these sessions and analyse how they went before sharing them with a social worker and the family.  

“Before I started my apprenticeship I worked in a nursery however, I was a new opportunity new in childcare. I found the apprenticeship online and I’m really pleased I did. I have a lot of support from my team, huge learning opportunities and the feeling that I am doing something good for the community.  

“If you’re looking for opportunities for progression along with a supportive and helpful environment, you should apply for an apprenticeship at WCC!” 

Find out more about apprenticeships at Warwickshire County Council.

Published: 16th June 2022

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