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Advice on how to deal with loneliness

Continuing the ‘tackling loneliness together’ theme from last week’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Warwickshire County Council, in line with its Five Ways to Wellbeing campaign is helping people find ways to ‘Connect’ with others

Loneliness and mental health are closely linked and can often impact upon each other such as feeling low and anxious can lead to withdrawal from friends, family and community which can increase a sense of loneliness.  Information about local support and things people can do to feel connected and less alone is available at  

Tips include:  

  1. Do something positive each day to make yourself feel present and happy, it doesn’t matter how small this action is. Try taking 15 minutes throughout the day to have some ‘you time’. This could be a cuppa and a biscuit, reading a chapter of a book or even catching up on favourite shows on TV. Whatever it is it is important to be able to relax.  

  2. Artistic residents might think about painting or draw a picture for someone. Others may like to write a letter or email to a friend or family member. These processes offer a chance to concentrate on the task at hand and while painting or writing you can feel a connection with the intended recipient.  

  3. Get outside and meet new people through activities such as gardening or book clubs. People with sporting interest have benefitted from volunteering as a coach or team helper. Other volunteering options are available around the county and giving time in this way can be so rewarding and make a difference to someone else’s life. 

  4. Anyone feeling anxious or scared about venturing outside should try to speak to someone about their feelings. If there isn’t an immediate person you trust, make an appointment with a GP and explain the situation. Talking may address any stigma that you may be feeling about depression or anxiety.  

  5. There are lots of other ways to connect without being physically close to other people. There are many ways to connect online to people with similar interest via smart phones and tablets. For some ideas go to 

Cllr Margaret Bell, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health at Warwickshire County Council said: “Warwickshire County Council wants all its residents to have access to support to help them be as happy and healthy as possible. We have excellent support systems and great community groups who can help anyone who is lonely and who wishes to reconnect with others. The loneliness website is a great resource packed full of guidance and advice, so please do take the time to access it.”   

Published: 18th May 2022