Lawrence Stribling signing his book on Evesham Abbey
Lawrence at the Launch

Lawrence Stribling, who has taken part in a number of ACL’s art courses as well as Creative Writing, has just published two titles for Evesham Abbey Trust’s Educational Project.

The books will be distributed among participating schools in the Evesham area, the remainder to be sold in local bookshops. There is an illustrated book for younger children, ‘Evesham Abbey, an Illustrated History for Key Stage One’ and, for older children, ‘Evesham Abbey Stories’, all painstaking researched by Lawrence.


For many years the remains of Evesham Abbey were hidden behind a wall, with the site being used for allotments. Now it is being developed as a public amenity with paths, gardens, and information displays about the life and work of the monks. Lawrence’s books are intended to engage schoolchildren about their local heritage, and to celebrate the rich history of the site. He will also provide words for the intervals at the performance of the specially commissioned piece ‘Music from the Abbey’ at the Henrician Theatre on April 5th and 6th.


In its early stages, Lawrence shared some of his research in his writing class, where, he said, the feedback from the other learners was really useful. ‘It all contributes to confidence,’ he added, something we throughly agree with at ACL! 

Many congratulations to Lawrence for the launch of this inspiring project.



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Published: 20th January 2022