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With colder weather set to continue it is important that Warwickshire residents do what they can to keep warm and stay well. 

The cold weather can lead to serious health issues which can be dangerous. Older people, people with chronic illnesses and people who have a disability are more at risk of getting ill during the colder months. Cold and flu viruses are also more prevalent at this time of year.  

Warwickshire County Council is urging residents to take care of themselves by following advice at and encouraging them to check in on friends, family and neighbours who may be particularly vulnerable to the cold. It’s helpful to make sure they are safe, that they have enough food and medication and are keeping warm, especially at night.  

To keep warm and healthy, people are advised to; regularly service heating systems and keep rooms between 18°C and 21°C day and night, wear suitable clothing – several thin layers is better than one thick layer, eat at least one hot meal a day and to have hot drinks regularly. 

The winter months can also lead to more slips and falls. Cold, damp weather can bring wet, icy floors, falling leaves and snow which can all be real hazards. Spreading salt or sand on icy surfaces such as walkways and steps can help to prevent risk of falls. Wearing suitable footwear such as shoes or boots with low, flat heel, slip resistant sole with a good tread can reduce the risk of slipping. 

Severe weather warnings may be issued by the MET Office which mean travel should only take place when absolutely necessary. Anyone who has to drive is reminded to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy and to carry a spade, flask of hot drink, charged phone, torch and blanket in case of emergency.

Warwickshire County Councillor Margaret Bell, Portfolio Holder for Adult Social Care and Health, said: 

“During the winter period when lots of colds and viruses are circulating it is particularly important for residents stay as healthy as possible - keeping warm, staying hydrated, eating well and being active are the best ways to do this.  This time of ye​ar can also bring loneliness and isolation for some residents who may be less connected to usual support networks and people are also facing additional hazards outdoors and on the roads. Warwickshire County Council’s winter wellness campaign addresses these issues and more and links people to many services and support to help them be as well as possible.” 

For more information on how to stay well this winter please visit 

Published: 13th January 2022