WFRS citizenship
Students taking part in the course.

More than 60 students from across Warwickshire have participated in Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service’s citizenship courses during 2021.

In total, seven separate courses were organised during the year and students from five different schools in the county have benefited from the courses’ curriculum that included practical firefighting drills, first aid skills, drug and alcohol risk awareness, road safety awareness and personal development life skills. The courses took place at local fire stations and gave students an insight into the working lives of firefighters in Warwickshire.

The students practiced firefighting drills including running hoses, rescuing an injured person from a building and performing first aid. They also used hoses to extinguish a tower fire.

The courses have been rooted in collaboration and have seen Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service work alongside Warwickshire Targeted Youth to the run the courses, with Warwickshire Compass and the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership delivering sessions as part of the course. Students worked towards and received Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) qualifications upon completion of the courses.

Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Fire and Rescue and Community at Warwickshire County Council said: “It’s great to hear that the citizenship courses have been well-received and they have made a positive difference to young people’s lives. The passing out parades for the successful completion of the courses were moments of great pride and it was lovely to see the young people’s parents and carers in attendance to celebrate the achievement.

“Hopefully the courses will leave a lasting memory and inspire some of the students to return to Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service as they pursue their careers later on in life but whatever they choose to do, they will benefit from what they learned.”

The Fire Service is looking ahead to 2022 where it will conduct four more citizenship courses across the remainder of the academic year, including with a new school in North Warwickshire.   

Watch an example of the students' passing out parade here.

Published: 25th November 2021