Week commencing 11 October 2021, the bridge will be temporarily opened with two-way temporary traffic lights to assist other road works within Coleshill for approximately 1 week.

The bridge was closed again on 18 October following the completion of other road works within Coleshill. Works to the bridges parapet along the carriageway has now continued. The stone parapet which has damaged by a road traffic incident has progressed with all stone being delivered for the rebuild and new stone being placed.

Bridge stone restoration pictureBridge stone restoration alternative angle

Brick parapet to the north-west of the bridge has progressed with being rebuilt following a road traffic incident which had cracked the brick parapet along its base. Small section of the wall still remains to be rebuilt following delivery of material.

Brick wall construction

New pedestrian guard railing has been installed at the crossing to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists at the junction between Lichfield Road and Station Road.

Pedestrian guard railing installed


Published: 24th November 2021