Tell us what is important

WCC is reviewing its Council Plan to truly reflect the county as we emerge from the pandemic, and ensure it fully understands what is important to the people who live, work and study in Warwickshire.

The council is committed to getting feedback from a wide variety of people and alongside the general survey it has also launched a young person friendly survey designed to capture the thoughts of those aged 13-18. 

All feedback that is captured will feed into the development of an updated Council Plan which will assist with the council’s ambition of making Warwickshire the best it can be. 

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council said: “As we step forward from the pandemic we are refreshing our Council Plan to take account of the challenges and opportunities ahead of us and in doing this we want to understand more about the things that are most important to the people of Warwickshire. 

“We are firmly committed to our ambition to make Warwickshire the best it can be, now and for future generations.  And we know that we have much to celebrate in our county - strong, kind communities; a vibrant mix of towns and rural areas; world-class heritage and culture; one of the fastest-growing economies in the UK in the decade to 2020; strong automotive and gaming sectors; and great connectivity.  

“As a council we continue to manage our finances responsibly and our staff are engaged, committed and passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for our communities. But we know too that resources continue to be a challenge as we face increasing demand for services and the vulnerability of those we are supporting is increasing, as is the complexity of the support required. 

"It is therefore so vitally important that we connect with residents, as well as people who work and study in Warwickshire to understand more about what is important to them.” 

The county council has identified three priorities that will provide the focus to its work over coming years: 

  • Warwickshire will be a county with a vibrant economy and places, with the right jobs, skills, and infrastructure. 

  • Warwickshire will be a place where people can live their best lives; where communities and individuals are supported to live safely, healthily, happily and independently. 

  • Warwickshire will be a place with sustainable futures which means adapting to and mitigating climate change and meeting net-zero commitments. 

To achieve these priorities the council is committed to innovate and become even better at what it does, deliver value for money and ensure we are a great council and partner. 

The survey sets out some proposed areas of focus under each of these goals, and asks how important they are. It also asks for ideas about the actions the council could take to deliver these areas of focus. 

This animation explains why it is important that anyone who lives, works or studies in Warwickshire lets the council know what is important to them.

The survey can be completed online at; or for those aged 13-18.

Copies are also available from Warwickshire Libraries and can be requested by calling 01926 410410 or emailing 

Published: 14th October 2021