Road Closure Sign

Roadworks are currently in place in Alcester to remove an old railway bridge that was unearthed as part of a housing development by Bloor Homes.  

After the bridge was discovered in July, further investigation works have taken place regarding the remaining part of a former, now buried railway bridge. It has been deemed by Warwickshire County Council and Bloor Homes that the structure is unsafe.  Therefore, following discussions and meetings between all parties, a decision has been made that the existing bridge structure will be removed.  

Removal of the buried structure will remove the risk of a collapse to existing and future highway users and adjacent landowners and will take place within a period of 3 to 4 weeks from this week (Monday 27th September 2021) .  

Councillor Wallace Redford, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning, said: “We are working closely with Bloor Homes and this course of action is the safest option to ensure the long-term integrity of the road surfaces.” 

Prior to the removal, an archaeological survey by Warwickshire County Council’s specialist team has been undertaken and there will be a full photo record of the demolition by the principal contractor. All information and reports will be supplied to Warwickshire County Council and made available to the public on request.  

On completion of the removal of the buried structure, the embankment will be regraded, and a new fence line installed on the highway boundary. 

Published: 29th September 2021