Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For support and advice about council services please call 01926 410410.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and need support call the Hotline on 0800 408 1447

All sites will be open on Saturday 3rd April and Sunday 4th April.

Recycling cardboard, garden waste, wood and metal this bank holiday weekend will still be easy, as Warwickshire recycling centres will retain their typical Easter holiday opening timetable. 

The smaller sites of Cherry Orchard in Kenilworth, Shipston and Wellesbourne will be shut on Friday 2nd and Monday 5th April due to planning permission restrictions. It is necessary to pre-book to visit any Warwickshire recycling centre.

From 1 April recycling centre summer opening hours will begin. The opening hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm weekends (Shipston shuts at noon on weekends). There will be a later opening on Wednesday evening, with the sites closing at 6pm (Shipston shuts at 3pm). The opening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are 9:30am to 3pm. The longer hours will add an extra 2,000 bookable slots each week, with nearly 16,000 slots in total released each week.

Booking is required for a 15 minute slot for a car and there are also 30 minute slots for a car and small trailer on certain days at Lower House Farm near Atherstone; Cherry Orchard in Kenilworth and Burton Farm in Stratford.

It is important that residents do not visit the recycling centres if they have COVID symptoms, have been tested positive for COVID and are self-isolating or have been advised to self-isolate due to being in contact with someone with COVID. Any contaminated waste, such as tissues or masks, should be double-bagged and quarantined for 72 hours before disposal.

Mark Ryder, Strategic Director of the Communities Directorate, said: “Local authority waste workers have been heroes over the past year, delivering waste disposal and recycling services in circumstances made difficult by the pandemic. I want to thank householders in Warwickshire, who have also been recycling heroes. Thanks to efforts to separate out recycling in homes up and down the county, the recycling rate for Warwickshire has risen.

“Information about recycling will be kept up to date on the web over the holidays, including how to book an appointment to a recycling centre. The appointments lead to an efficient visit, with much-reduced queues. Please separate your waste streams for recycling as you pack your car. Recycling all that you can at home and at the recycling centre is one easy way for householders to cut their carbon emissions and help our environment.”

All materials, such as wood, garden waste, soil and rubble and electrical items are available for recycling. Visitors are advised to check the website for the exact materials available at each site and to pre-sort waste when packing their car for an efficient visit. Full details of all of the materials that can be recycled at one of the 9 recycling centres in the county, and details of how to book, can be found at

Most household packaging can be recycled in your kerbside collection containers. All green garden waste and all food waste can be placed in your green bin for composting; that includes, meat, fish, dairy, baked goods and plate scrapings, as well as all fruit and vegetable waste. Tips for reducing food waste at Eastertime can be found at

ReUse Shops

Reuse shops at the recycling centres are closed due to current restrictions on non-essential retail. Details of reuse shop reopening will be announced on social media and through the charity websites when reopening becomes possible:

Judkins in Nuneaton reuse shop

Reuse shops at Lower House Farm near Atherstone, Hunters Lane in Rugby, Cherry Orchard in Kenilworth, Princes Drive in Leamington and Wellesbourne

Your local collection authority may have made changes to your collection days over Easter, so check their website for the correct information.

Published: 30th March 2021