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Public and research access

Access to the Warwickshire Historic Environment Record (HER) is free for the public, students and other researchers, a good starting point is our online HER, Timetrail or through the Heritage Gateway or Our Warwickshire (note that these three resources are not suitable for commercial enquiries or planning purposes).

Commercial access

A charge based on an hourly rate is made for commercial enquiries. This charge covers staff costs to extract information from the HER and make it available remotely in a suitable format, it specifically does not include any costs for overheads or management and maintenance of the HER itself.

All remote HER searches take a minimum of two hours regardless of the format of the data extracted or the search area requested. Most searches will only take two hours. However, some more complex searches may take longer, it is best to contact us for a quote to be sure of the exact cost.

Our minimum charge for an HER search is as follows:

  • Standard HER search (response within 10 working days): £100 (2 hours @ £50 per hour)
  • Priority HER Search (response within 3 working days): £200 (2 hours @ £100 per hour)

Note that Warwickshire County Council has decided that HER searches are outside the scope of VAT and as such, it is not charged.

Data supplied from a commercial Warwickshire HER search

  • Monuments - archaeological sites and monuments
  • Events - archaeological activity
  • HLC - Historic Landscape Character data and reports, includes Historic Farmstead data
  • EUS - Extensive Urban Survey data, spatial data and reports, from the Warwickshire Historic Towns Project
  • Ridge and Furrow data - spatial data only, this was produced as part of the Midlands Open Fields project and is based on aerial photography from the early 1990s
  • NMP - National Mapping Programme data, spatial data only and limited availability in the county, please note that all NMP data has been integrated as Monuments where applicable)
  • Aerial photographs - the Warwickshire HER Aerial Photograph collection of over 15,000 images has been digitised and digital copies of relevant APs will be supplied, subject to Copyright restrictions
  • Listed Buildings - supplied as a broad indicator only, the dataset we hold is un-validated and needs to be verified with data held by Historic England

Data not supplied as part of a commercial Warwickshire HER search

  • Other nationally designated datasets, including Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens and Historic Battlefields - these should be obtained from Historic England through the National Heritage List for England
  • Information about Conservation Areas or Locally Listed Buildings - these should be obtained from the relevant lower tier (district/borough) Local Planning Authority

Physical HER resources

We also hold a number of physical resources related to the HER data such as Archaeological Reports, Books, Journals, Further Information Files, Record Cards etc. Our HER Search charge allows for a visit to view these in our office in Warwick by appointment. We find many enquirers often combine this with a visit to the County Record Office which is also based in Warwick.