There is a wide range of factors that influence our health and wellbeing. These factors, or determinants of health, include:

  • Socioeconomic conditions: The link between socioeconomic status and an individual's health is a clear one - lower social position and associated socio-economic deprivation results in poor health.
  • Education: The availability of high-quality education is key in enabling our residents to maximise opportunities. Educational attainment can determine future employment and income as well as lowering the risk of alcohol and drug misuse and teenage pregnancy.
  • Physical environment: Environmental themes can play a significant role in affecting our quality of life and health. Those living in areas with safe water supplies, clean air, a healthy working environment and comfortable housing are more likely to be in good health than those lacking such conditions.
  • Social environment: Having support from family, friends and the local community is important for preventing isolation and loneliness, contributing to good mental wellbeing and therefore improving overall health.

Key sources

See how Warwickshire performs on indicators related to the wider determinants of health: Public Health England's Wider Determinants Tool

Our priorities 2017/18

  • Planning
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Community health and wellbeing
  • Healthy workplaces