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Are you a partner, family member or friend who is providing care or support?

If so, you are entitled to have a Carer’s assessment. You could be eligible for support in your own right.

What we do

Specialist Carer Workers employed by WCC and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust (CWPT) offer free and confidential support to partners, family members and close friends of individuals with mental health concerns.

Their role is to focus on the needs, health and wellbeing of carers to ensure they are supported with caring.

They can provide:

  • carers assessments and support plans
  • one to one emotional support and telephone support
  • support to find out more about mental health diagnosis and treatments
  • information, support and groups for carers
  • help to find employment, leisure, education and volunteering opportunities
  • a one-off direct payment to assist with carer breaks or activities that will improve the carer’s health and wellbeing (depending on assessment)
  • signposting to services
  • carer events, workshops and information about carer groups

Are you a carer?

A carer regularly provides unpaid physical, practical or emotional support to a friend, partner, family member or a neighbour.

Some people provide care because they feel they have a duty to because they love or care for that person and they may find it to be a rewarding experience. However, they may also find it has an impact on their own physical and emotional health and day‐to‐day life.

This is why support is available to help identify any needs you may have as a carer and provide necessary information and support.

How to refer to our service

If you are over the age of 18 and the person you care for has mental health concerns you are eligible for a Carer’s assessment. Contact us to make a self–referral on 0845 155 1797 or request a referral from the service user’s care coordinator.

We aim to make initial contact within a week by telephone or letter – this may vary as we need triage referrals to determine urgency.

For adult and young carers (under 18) information about carer support, groups and carers assessments can be found at Caring Together Warwickshire. Caring Together Warwickshire can also be contacted on 0800 197 5544 (freephone).

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