Key stage 2

In Key stage 2, our aim is to refresh and build upon the children’s existing knowledge and understanding of fire safety behaviour and to further develop their awareness and response.

This session looks not only at fire safety, but includes accident hazard spotting around the home and the opportunity to become a Junior Fire Safety Champion through completion of a home safety check.

The session lasts an hour and is delivered by firefighters from a local station or a member of the community fire safety team. In order to maintain a consistent and standardised approach to safeguarding it is imperative that a teacher remains present at all times during the session.

Content of year 5 session

  • Junior Fire Safety Championship Scheme
  •  Recap of Year 1 content
  • Hazard spotting group activity
  • Escape plan video
  • Hoax calls

Resources for pupils

  • Fire safety brochure
  • Comic book
  • Pen – test your smoke alarm weekly
  • JFSC booklet to complete
  • Phone holder/keyring torch/water bottle