Tip 9: Make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished before going to bed

Put it out – right out!

Cigarette ends can smoulder for ages if not put out properly.


  • Stub cigarettes out properly in an ashtray – make sure there’s no smoke.
  • Pour water on cigar and cigarette ends before putting in a bin – ideally an outside bin.


  • Leave a cigarette, cigar or pipe unattended.
  • Balance cigars or cigarettes on the edge of an ashtray or anything else – they can tip and fall as they burn away.
  • Empty a pipe into a bin – the ember can still be very hot even if it’s not smoking.


Using a proper ashtray is a good start to stopping fires from smoking.

  • Empty and clean your ashtray regularly.
  • Douse with water before putting the contents of the ashtray in the bin.
  • Empty into a metal bin outside if you can.
  • Keep paper, wrappers and other rubbish that could catch light out of your ashtray.