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Consulting with building control

Prior to carrying out building work, it is recommended that you contact your local authority building control department or an approved inspector who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the building regulations.

Building regulations will probably apply if you want to:

  • put up a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building
  • Provide services and or fittings in a building (for example, washing and sanitary facilities, hot water cylinders, foul water and rainwater drainage, replacement windows, fuel-burning appliances of any type)
  • change the use of a building.

Where works are proposed for a building in Warwickshire, the building control body (BCB) must carry out a building regulations fire safety consultation with Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS) by submitting plans and any other relevant information relating to the proposals.

WFRS will offer observations to the BCB regarding compliance with the building regulations to provide advice on how the completed building work can comply with fire safety regulations. To ensure satisfactory levels of fire precautions are in place once the building becomes occupied.

WFRS will consider the submitted fire safety arrangements and may comment under the following headings:

  • Those that will have to be complied with under fire safety legislation enforced by the fire and rescue authority, on occupation of the building.
  • Those that will have to be complied with under other fire-related legislation, on occupation of the building.
  • Those that are advisory and, at the present time, are not enforceable by this fire and rescue authority, these should be given appropriate consideration and observations regarding matters covered by the building regulations.