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You will need a safety certificate:

  • Where a designated sports ground has a capacity for more than 10,000 spectators or 5,000 in the case of association football grounds used in the Premier League or the Football League.
  • When there is a covered stand at a sports ground with a capacity for 500 or more spectators, that is to say, a regulated stand.

Costs are available from the fire protection group commander on 01926 423231.

When applying you must provide requested information and plans within the time specified. If you fail to do this the application will be withdrawn.

We will consider if you are in a position to prevent any breach of the terms and conditions of a certificate.

We will send a copy of an application for a safety certificate to the chief police officer of the area.

Apply online

Transferring a certificate 

To transfer a certificate:

  • You may be the current holder of the certificate or the person to whom the certificate is to be transferred.
  • We must determine if the person to whom the certificate is to be transferred would qualify for the issue of a certificate.

Special safety certificates

If an event that you wish to hold is not one included in the permitted activities specified on the certificate, you may need to apply for a special safety certificate in order to hold that event.

A general safety certificate must be already in force for a designated ground or regulated stand before a special safety certificate can be issued.

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