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Reporting and review

To meet the NERC Act (2006) requirements, the main biodiversity aim of this strand is we will establish and maintain an internal reporting mechanism to inform and report on how WCC is actively progressing biodiversity.


There are a variety of biodiversity indicators within the Local Authority functions from Minerals and Waste Planning to Local Action Plan reporting procedures. With the implementation of the NERC Act these are being reviewed. At the time of writing there are two major consultation documents on monitoring biodiversity across a county and within local authority functions:

  • National Indicator 197 Improve Local Biodiversity – Management of Local Sites
  • Audit Commission: Consultation of Resources Assessment 2008/2009

The council also contributes to other reporting mechanisms and schemes related to monitoring and enhancing biodiversity.


  • Annual Monitoring Reports (e.g. Minerals & Waste, planning function) – the council reports annually on minerals and wastes sites and their impact on the environment.