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Our Progress

Tracking Progress

The delivery plan and performance monitoring dataset outline the key business measures that are used to measure the impact of the strategy across its four priority areas. These documents are reviewed and updated with the latest results throughout the lifecycle of the strategy and are available in the documents and downloads section on this page.

Alongside these measures, we will undertake an annual programme of activities as we work towards our objectives and will review the strategy annually during the Autumn term each year. ·

*last updated 13/03/2020

2019 Review

In the Autumn term 2019, we produced our first annual review which took stock of progress made to date with a particular focus on evaluating the strategy’s ability to demonstrate its impact. The review identified many causes for celebration in the strategy’s key priority areas with evidence of successful collaboration with partners, however, it was acknowledged that there was a need for a more complete picture of what success will look like and a further commitment to the ‘shared partnership’ between WCC and its partners.

Following on from this review, the delivery plan has been refreshed to redefine our criteria for success and enhance our ability to track and demonstrate progress across each priority. Additionally, we have been gathering feedback on the strategy in 2020 from our colleagues and partners as we work towards refreshing the strategy over the forthcoming Easter period. For details on how you can contribute to developing the strategy and ensure it’s achieving the best for learners in Warwickshire, please visit the next page.