Giving your child the right start in life with valuable advice and initiatives to keep them safe on or near the road.

The Warwickshire Road Safety Club runs a wide range of activities and initiatives. The aim of the club is to ensure that every child in Warwickshire has the opportunity to learn fundamental road safety skills appropriate for their age group, and for us to provide information and guidance to parents/carers and teachers.

Nursery and Pre-school (2 - 4 years)

Warwickshire Road Safety Education believe that introducing very young children to the language of road safety and teaching key road safety skills paves the way for good road safety practices in the future.

Introducing key skills, best practice and good habits from an early age will positively influence and guide their longer-term behaviours as road users

The Adventures of Warwick Bear

The ‘Adventures of Warwick Bear’ is a carefully designed workshop which introduces the children to a very special Road Safety Bear called ‘Warwick’.

This highly engaging, interactive 20-minute session has been carefully designed around pre-school children’s natural learning and development. Through an action-based game, road safety themed song and through sharing a beautiful picture book story the children are introduced to simple key messages in a safe and secure environment.

Key messages

The key messages for this workshop include:

  • The importance of always holding hands with an adult when near or crossing a road
  • The importance of stopping before the kerb

Through fun and games, the children are introduced to the language of road safety and the Warwickshire Road Safety Code to:

  • THINK about Roads
  • STOP before the kerb
  • LOOK and LISTEN carefully for traffic
  • THINK about what to do


What practitioners say:

  • Really love the use of Makaton with our nursery children. Message was VERY CLEAR!
  • Road Safety – Right amount of information given for children to remember.
  • Pitched at the right level for age group, session time perfectly and great that the children could join in.
  • Pitched perfectly for this age group. I wouldn’t change a thing. Many thanks for coming


Young children learn by watching and copying others, so it is essential that we are good role models and always promote safe choices and behaviours when near and crossing a road. This workshop highlights best practice and key skills.

Nursery settings are welcome to invite parents along to ‘The Adventures of Warwick Bear’ workshop as an opportunity for family engagement and learning.