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Warwickshire Waste Partnership
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Warwickshire’s Municipal Waste Management Strategy was adopted by the Warwickshire Waste Partnership in October 2005 and launched in January 2006.

The Partnership has made great progress since the strategy was originally adopted in 2005 and has even achieved some of the key targets/actions before the original 2020 goal.

In 2013 the Warwickshire Waste Partnership updated the Municipal Waste Management Strategy, the updated strategy provides a framework for managing waste in Warwickshire until 2020.

Strategy objectives

In developing the Municipal Waste Strategy, the Warwickshire authorities have agreed to a number of objectives.

  • To reduce the amount of waste generated in Warwickshire
  • To develop integrated, sustainable solutions for managing waste in Warwickshire
  • To meet and exceed national re-use, recycling and composting targets
  • Work in partnership with each other and other stakeholders to produce and implement the Strategy
  • Encourage public participation in the implementation and review of the Waste Strategy
  • Regularly review and update the Strategy and implementation programme
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