Information on 2021 elections

Elections took place in Warwickshire on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Voting is now closed and results have been published online.

Pre-election period

The pre-election period for the county council elections started on Friday 19 March 2021.

The pre-election period, sometimes known as ‘purdah’, describes the period of time immediately before elections or referendums when specific restrictions on communications activity are in place. The term 'heightened sensitivity’ is also used.

During this period the County Council will continue to undertake its functions and to a large extent it will be “business as usual". However, the Council will seek to avoid dealing with matters that may be politically controversial unless it is necessary for a decision to be made in the pre-election period. There are strict statutory rules about the use of Council resources and Council publicity during this period.

Publicity during the pre-election period

The Council needs to be very careful about what is published during this period. Legislation states that we are prohibited to proactively publicise candidates and other politicians involved directly in the election. The exception to this is when the Council is required to respond in appropriate circumstances; for example, in an emergency situation or where there is a genuine need for a member-level response to an important event outside the Council’s control.

It is critical that the Council adheres to these restrictions on political publicity. During the pre-election period it is advisable that no proactive events involving members should be arranged. Any proactive releases and campaign work during this time should seek to quote the relevant lead officer instead and use them as the contacts for further information.

Using Council property or street furniture to display election posters and material

This is not permitted. To give consent to advertising such material on Council property would conflict with the prohibition on use of Council resources for political purposes.

If you see any election material displayed on Council property or street furniture, please contact Democratic Services on (01926) 413747 as soon as possible.

The restriction also applies to the use of WCC headed paper, logo and email. Councillors must not use their WCC email account for election purposes or use their WCC email address in any election literature. In addition, Councillors should not use their council provided social media accounts for election purposes.

Using schools and community premises for election purposes

Using schools and community premises for election purposes is allowed but with restrictions. Local election candidates are entitled to use school premises or other community meeting rooms at reasonable times within the electoral division for which the candidate is standing (or an adjacent area if no venues are available). The candidate must use the room only for the purpose of holding public meetings to promote or procure votes in the forthcoming election.

Election results

The results will be displayed on the County Council website as they are announced. Users will be able to search for results by electoral division through an interactive map of the county.

The results will also be published on the Democratic Services Twitter account which you can follow live on Friday 7 May.

For further information regarding the Election, please contact Democratic Services on: