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Helpful notes and hints

Waterproof covers (wraps)

Use wraps over washable nappies to prevent leakages. Make sure that you are using the correct size for your child. The covers can usually be used three to four times before washing. When fitting, always make sure that all of the nappy is tucked inside the cover as any nappy showing out of the cover may cause leakage. Ensure a good fit of the nappy cover (wrap) and fasten so there are no gaps but not so tight that the cover leaves red marks on your baby.

Line dried nappies

Line drying is the most natural way to bleach your nappies. You can soften up your nappies by putting them in the tumble drier for just a few minutes to finish. A tablespoon of vinegar in the final nappy rinse is also helpful for softening.

Disposable liners

To simplify the clean up of soiled nappies and help prevent staining, lay the disposable liner on top of the nappy. These can be flushed away or composted.

Fleece liners

Easy to use and wash and quick to dry, fleece liners keep baby’s bottom extra dry. Can be used instead of paper liners and are excellent for sore nappy rashed skin.

Nappy stains

Rinse soiled nappies promptly to minimise staining. Using liners will help, as will sunshine drying. You can use a non-chlorine bleach but remember all nappy stains eventually come out (though you may not notice because new stains may take their place). If the nappies have been washed at 60C, they are totally cleansed and pure, regardless of stain.

Nappy rash

Research shows there is no more nappy rash from washable nappies than disposables. Most babies at some time will develop nappy rash from foods they have eaten (or you have eaten if breastfeeding), at weaning time, through teething or illness, or even changing your washing powder. It can be helped by using fleece or silk liners instead of paper liners.


Once your baby sleeps through the night, you may need to add a washable booster liner to the nappy. Ensure that wrap is a good fit.

Advice and support

It is best to buy nappies from a supplier who offers on-going help and advice. For further information please contact us.

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