Commenting on a planning application

These notes relate to planning applications for minerals, waste or County Council developments. All other types of planning applications such as housing, industrial or commercial developments are dealt with by the District and Borough Councils.

In reaching a decision about a planning application, the Council always takes into account the views of people likely to be affected by the development. You may wish to support an application or suggest amendments to it to overcome any concerns you may have, or raise objections if you consider that it would harm the local environment. In all cases, your comments are welcomed and will be carefully considered.

When you view a planning application online, you will have the option to comment on it.

We also accept comments by letter or e-mail. In these cases, please quote the planning reference number and site address.

Your comments should be as clear and concise as possible and state the reasons why you wish to support or oppose the proposed development.

Applications for planning permission are dealt with in accordance with the approved development plan and there is a presumption in favour of development that complies with approved policy. If a proposal is refused permission, the Council always has to give precise and full reasons to the applicant.

Planning applications are required to be assessed and decided on ‘proper’ planning grounds. These might include;

  • possible loss of light,
  • possible loss of privacy as a result of the proposed development,
  • effect upon highway safety,
  • effect upon parking and traffic issues,
  • proposals effect upon the design and appearance of an area, or on listed buildings and/or conservation areas close by (if applicable),
  • requirement to take into account local and national planning policies and Government guidance.

We cannot however take into account the following as a basis for a planning objection;

  • the developers motives or morals,
  • loss of view,
  • boundary and ownership disputes,
  • private rights of way and covenants,
  • effect upon property values,
  • possible future development.

Have your say about a planning application at the regulatory committee

Commenting on a planning application was last updated on December 6, 2018.