Service changes for children and families

Warwickshire County Council is changing the way we provide services for the county’s children and families.

14 children’s centres will become Children and Family Centres. They will support families with children and young people up to the age of 19 (25 for those with additional needs.)

From 1 April 2018 we have £1.12 million less to spend which means we still have £3.7 million to spend on services.

The new service will be ready by 1st September 2019, with some changes to services happening along the way.

Key points

  • We will make sure Early Years, pregnancy and the first 1001 days of a child are given the focus they deserve.
  • Information, advice and activity sessions will be offered in community locations.
  • We will work with Health Visiting and Midwifery to make sure services are available at the 14 Children and Family Centres and outreach sites.
  • Children’s Centre services for 0-5s will stop at a number of children’s centre locations or reduce to an outreach basis. Where this happens we hope that services will be transferred and continue where possible (e.g. more nursery places where there are not enough.)
  • The Council has started a parent engagement group so parents can share their views.
  • The Council and Children’s Centre providers will continue to send out information together.
  • There is a new health visiting service. This contract started on 1 April 2018. This service wants to make health visiting easier for service users to access in the community.

To make sure we are able to hear what parents have to say about the services we provide now and in the future for 0-19 year olds (or up to 25 years old with special educational needs or disabilities), we have set up an online parent voice group. If you would like to join please answer the three pre-joining questions . If you would like to ask any questions about the group before asking to join, please email

Locations of current health visitor clinics

Please visit the South Warwickshire NHS page for information on clinics.

Information and updates on children’s centres

Children’s Centre NoticeLocation
Abbey Children’s Centre (PDF, 229.83 KB)Nuneaton
Alcester and District Children’s Centre- including Bidford and Salford Priors (PDF, 222.66 KB)Alcester
Atherstone Early Years Centre (PDF, 222.7 KB)Atherstone
Badger Valley Children’s Centre – Shipston (PDF, 222.02 KB)Shipston on Stour
Boughton Leigh Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.4 KB)Rugby
Bedworth and Bulkington Children’s Centre (PDF, 226.37 KB)Bedworth
Camp Hill Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.44 KB)Nuneaton
Cawston Children’s Centre (PDF, 229.2 KB)Rugby
Claremont Children’s Centre (PDF, 221.92 KB)Rugby
Clopton Children’s Centre (PDF, 213.92 KB)Stratford upon Avon
Coleshill Children’s Centre (PDF, 224.83 KB)Birmingham
Hillmorton Children’s Centre (PDF, 228.07 KB)Rugby
Kenilworth Children’s Centre – Bertie Road (PDF, 221.61 KB)Kenilworth
Kingsbury Children’s Centre (PDF, 223.77 KB)Kingsbury
Kingsway Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.76 KB)Leamington
Ladybrook Children’s Centre (PDF, 229.91 KB)Nuneaton
Lighthorne Heath and District Children’s Centre (PDF, 220.97 KB)Leamington Spa
Lillington Children’s Centre (PDF, 221.71 KB)Leamington Spa
Long Lawford Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.54 KB)Rugby
Newbold Riverside Children’s Centre (PDF, 227.64 KB)Rugby
Newburgh Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.35 KB)
Oakfield Children’s Centre (PDF, 227.81 KB)Rugby
Park Lane Children’s Centre
Polesworth Children’s Centre (PDF, 225 KB)
Riversley Park Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.93 KB)Nuneaton
Southam and District Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.63 KB)Southam
St John’s Children’s Centre – Kenilworth (PDF, 223.07 KB)
St. Michael’s Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.57 KB)
Stockingford Children’s Centre (PDF, 228.35 KB)Nuneaton
Stratford Children’s Centre (PDF, 220.85 KB)
Studley Children’s Centre (PDF, 228.07 KB)
Sydenham Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.84 KB)
Warwick Children’s Centre (PDF, 221.75 KB)
Wellesbourne Children’s Centre (PDF, 219.87 KB)
Westgate Children’s Centre (PDF, 222.12 KB)
Whitnash Children’s Centre (PDF, 221.27 KB)
Wolston Children’s Centre (PDF, 226.28 KB)

Reshaping Services for Children and Families (Children’s Centre Consultation)

Service changes for children and families was last updated on August 15, 2018.