Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For support and advice about council services please call 01926 410410.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and need support call the Hotline on 0800 408 1447

The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine is underway, and the overall programme is being led by our partners in the NHS.

Priority 2 and social care providers

For those working in social care, the first priority group to receive the vaccine was those working in care homes for older people. On 7 January we received notification that the vaccination programme was extending to those in the priority 2.

Those classed as priority 2

All frontline social care workers directly working with people clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 who need care and support irrespective of where they work are classed as priority 2. This includes those working in:

  • people’s own homes
  • day centres
  • care homes for working age adults
  • supported housing

This also relates to whether they care for clinically vulnerable adults or children or who they are employed by. For example, this includes:

  • local government
  • NHS private sector
  • third sector employees

Delivering the priority 2 requirement

There are tens of thousands of people who work in the health and social care industry in Warwickshire alone. Many will meet the above requirement, but many will not and it is our responsibility to ensure that all employers of frontline social care workers in their area are identified and provided with the necessary information and support to make arrangements for the vaccination of staff.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been published to provide guidance on how this is to be delivered. View the SOP (PDF, 656KB).

Next steps

Over the coming weeks, we will contact employers of social care workers who meet the criteria for access to a vaccine under this stage of the programme. This will be in regards to eligible staff accessing the vaccine.

What to do if you're contacted

If you are contacted you will be asked to provide information about staff, including names and staff numbers. This request will follow up with information on:

  • how to book a vaccination appointment
  • where staff will need to go to get their vaccination
  • what they need to bring with them

This is a big logistical operation so please be patient if you're not contacted immediately.

If you think you meet the criteria but haven't been contacted

We are doing our best to identify and contact all eligible social care workers. However, it is possible that we will not reach everyone. Anyone who believes they fall into the category as outlined in the SOP who has not been contacted, please email [email protected]

If you make contact, please provide your name, where you work and a short description of the work you do and how you meet the necessary requirements.

If you provide social care but are not contracted to the local authority

Priority 2 includes all eligible social workers, a contract with the local authority isn't required. You will still be included in the vaccination programme.

How long will it take?

Delivering the vaccination programme is a national priority and specific timescales can’t be provided. We hope to be able to offer vaccination booking appointments to all eligible staff by the middle of February.

Where to go for your vaccination

Vaccinations for social care staff are currently being delivered at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. Should other options become available as the programme progresses, you will be notified about relevant booking arrangements. Please do not turn up without an appointment.