Landscape architecture service

There aim of the Landscape Architects is “to identify, influence and improve the quality of the Warwickshire environment through working with the community and partners”.

We work on a wide variety of projects across the whole County.

We offer a landscape design and consultancy service to the County Council as well as external clients and partners such as the District and Borough Councils, schools and community groups.

We are committed to:

  • Sustainability: designing both with and for sustainability;
  • Local distinctiveness: using materials and plant species that are appropriate to the local area. We use the Warwickshire Landscapes Guidelines to underpin our work in rural areas.

Examples of work

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Townscape design

This work ranges from both small to large-scale projects. We have been part of Project Teams working on town centre improvements and pedestrianisation schemes as well as designing smaller scale environmental enhancements in local neighbourhoods. The designs usually involve both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ landscape and we are often responsible for overseeing the implementation of the schemes on the ground.

Planting design

This work comprises both ‘ornamental’ planting schemes, for example in town centres, and planting ‘native’ trees and shrubs (i.e. species found naturally in the area), usually in more rural areas. We work closely with the Council’s ecologists to ensure that all rural planting schemes use appropriate species and will create suitable habitats for other wildlife. We also use the Warwickshire Landscapes Guidelines to underpin our work. Much of this type of work is carried out for the Council’s Design Services group as mitigation for new road schemes, park and ride sites etc.

School grounds improvement

Our work with schools varies from preparing masterplans for whole school grounds to detailed designs for smaller areas, such as nature gardens or outdoor classrooms. This always involves consultation with the whole school community and we often run design or planting workshops with the children. We also work with community groups to enhance their local area. This can include getting people involved in designing and other decision making as well as helping out with practical work on the ground.

Landscape management

We currently run the contracts for landscape management at the County’s former waste disposal sites, various roadside verges and Warwick Technology Park. This involves specifying maintenance regimes to encourage biodiversity, such as encouraging wildflowers and coppicing trees.

Studies, reports and guidelines

We have carried out various studies and reports to assist others in decision making about Warwickshire’s towns and countryside. The most recent of these is a ‘Design Guide for Warwick Town Centre’.

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