Highway search enquiries

We are the authority for highways within Warwickshire and hold information about the status and extents of the highway (excluding trunk roads and motorways).

Queries relating to the status or extent of the highways and the proximity of traffic or road schemes may be requested through a personal search enquiry.

A service is now in place to provide information relating to a property on:

  • Status of roads (inc. section 38)
  • Road schemes (within 200m)
  • Traffic schemes
  • Railway schemes
  • Outstanding notices relating to highways
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Public paths and byways
  • Parks and countryside

This service may be requested via completion of the attached form:

Standard Search (road status, traffic schemes, rights of way etc.) £27.00

Questions regarding Village Greens/Common Land are chargeable at an additional £12.00

Highway extent (width of highway) is chargeable at £68.50.

For Highway extents of greater than 200m there is a charge of £68.50 per 200m of road.

Search requests should be accompanied by a cheque made payable to Warwickshire County Council.

Emailed or faxed forms without a supporting cheque will not be responded to.

Responses to standard searches will be provided within 2 working days provided the request was received during office hours.

Responses to highway extent queries will be responded to within 10 working days where possible.

In accordance with the 1980 Highways Act and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 the list of streets and the definitive map, complete with statement, is freely available for public inspection in Leamington Library. No appointments are necessary.

Please note: The information contained herein is constantly being updated but is correct to the best of our knowledge on the date of publication. This document provides information as to whether a way is highway maintainable at public expense. It does not provide information on the length or lateral extent of highway.

Whilst the County Council as highway authority believes the information to be correct it should be noted as a matter of highway law that only a Court can issue the definitive interpretation on matters of highway status and extent.

Streets Maintained at Public Expense (PDF, 1.24 MB)


Information regarding road and traffic schemes in Warwickshire is available below and is also free for inspection at Leamington Library. No appointments are necessary.

We cannot guarantee that the information contained in this list is a complete and up to date list of all Warwickshire County Council Schemes; it is subject to change and is provided as a general guide only. It is not intended to be a substitute for conducting a property search. For advice and assistance on conducting a search against a specific property please see the information at the top of this page.
So far as is permissible by law, Warwickshire County Council will not accept any liability for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience arising out of or in connection with the use of this information.

List of Traffic Schemes – last updated 01/03/216 (PDF, 54 KB)

Road Schemes, Rail Schemes and other information

For information on any of the following, please follow the link. Note: These are external websites. Warwickshire County Council accepts no liability for the content, accuracy or reliability of the information contained within any external website. Views expressed on external websites do not necessarily represent the views of or endorsement by Warwickshire County Council.

Highways and Traffic Projects in Warwickshire
Land to be acquired for roadworks (PDF, 561.82 KB)
Dosthill Bypass (Please contact Staffordshire County Council)
Hockley Heath Bypass (Please contact Solihull MBC)
A45 Tollbar End Junction Improvement
High Speed 2 Rail Link between London and the West Midlands
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

For information on stopping-up orders please contact County Highways on 01926 412515