Health and wellbeing

Health And Wellbeing

  • Adults with autism

    The autism service provides outcome-focussed, time-limited support to an adult with an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), and their family and carers, and who does not have a learning disability.

  • Health advocacy services

    Information on what advocacy services are and where they are available in Warwickshire.

  • Alcohol information

    If you are worried about your own, or someone else’s drinking, our useful links and services can provide you with expert information, support and guidance.

  • Counselling and bereavement services

    Information and useful links about counselling and bereavement services.

  • Dementia/Living well with Dementia

    Find out information and advice on spotting the signs and symptoms of dementia, reducing your risks, how to support someone with dementia and how to live well with the condition if you have had a diagnosis yourself from the new Coventry and Warwickshire Living Well With Dementia Portal.

  • Drugs information

    This area provides information for people who are experiencing problems with drugs.

  • Health checks

    Information on health checks. A national programme run by the NHS via local GPs.

  • Health emergencies

    We are actively engaged in liaising with the health sector, with the aim of protecting people’s health and reducing the impact of infectious diseases, chemical, poisons, radiation hazards, and other health related threats.

  • Healthy eating and healthy weight

    Information and advice on healthy eating and healthy weight.

  • Immunisation and screening

    Information on immunisation and screening services available in Warwickshire.

  • Keep warm in the winter

    Keeping warm is a vital part of keeping well in the winter particularly for older people, the young and those with chronic illness.

  • Keeping active

    Information on physical activity opportunities in Warwickshire.

  • A guide to living longer living well

    We want all Warwickshire residents to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in a place that is supportive of their health and wellbeing.

  • Mental health

    It is estimated that one in four people living in the UK will be affected by problems regarding their mental wellbeing at some point in their lives. Find out more about mental health and the help available to you.

  • NHS Choices

    Information from the National Health Service (NHS) on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living.

  • Public Health Warwickshire

    The Portal is an online directory of services for GPs, health professionals and practitioners to use in signposting patients, customers or clients to public health and preventative services.

  • Safe Places

    Safe Places are community places (e.g. a shop, community centre) where you can go to get help if you feel unsafe or at risk when you are out and about.

  • Sexual health advice

    Find the answers to all your sex and relationship questions here.

  • Smoking

    Information on the services available to you to help you stop smoking.

  • Leaving hospital

    Information and advice to help you make plans for the support you will need when you return home from hospital.

  • Occupational therapy

    Occupational therapy helps to solve the problems that interfere with your ability to do everyday living tasks, for example, dressing . OTs can also look at ways to prevent a problem or minimize its effects, by working with you to maintain your safety at home.

  • Health – strategies, policies, performance and data

    Information and data on our health and wellbeing strategies and performance.