Smart Start – the story so far

Why are we doing this?

To ensure that we produce a comprehensive picture of ‘early help’ in Warwickshire and identify the gaps in the provision of services for 0-5 and their families we have collected information in the 0-5 interim needs assessment.

  • 0-5 strategic needs assessment (PDF, 5.96 MB)
  • School Readiness in Warwickshire 2016 (PDF, 974.79 KB)
  • Public Health England has just published the Child Health Profiles 2017. This report provides a snapshot of child health and wellbeing in each local authority based on 32 key health indicators. The profiles are designed to help local organisations understand the health needs of their community and work in partnership to improve health in their local area. The latest figures for Warwickshire will be used to inform the delivery of the Smart Start strategy and are available to view

    The Smart Start Foundation Project

    Smart Start comes at a time of increasing financial pressures and challenges to service delivery. This means we need to be bold and creative, if we are to ensure that early help support for 0-5s children, parents and families is fit for the future in Warwickshire.

    To get this right, we can’t work on assumptions and guesses. For this reason, a variety of engagement, social research and asset mapping approaches have been used, as part of the Smart Start’s Foundation Project to hear the views, experiences and needs of local families with children aged 0-5 (including expectant parents), and frontline workers.

    smart start

    The findings from the Foundation project summary 6-12 (PDF, 2.58 MB). To view the individual research reports please scroll down to the end of the summary document.

    Smart Start – the story so far was last updated on April 6, 2017.