Smart Start – get involved

Free online guides for parents

Parents and carers are now able to access three free online guides for parents.

The guides have been designed by the NHS and are part of the Solihull Approach programme which supports parents and carers to build positive relationships with their infants and children.

Promotional resources for Professionals:

  1. FAQs for professionals (PDF, 340.47 KB)
  2. Training briefing sheet (PDF, 522.87 KB)
  3. Flow chart of steps for parents to access course (PDF, 382.7 KB)
  4. A7 leaflet (PDF, 2.52 MB)
  5. A4 posters (PDF, 9.67 MB)
  6. Presentation for professionals (PDF, 1.01 MB)
  7. Online Guides for parents and parents-to-be (PPTX, 950.16 KB)
  8. Short promotional video for parents and carers
  9. Solihull Approach GP Slides (PPTX, 2.2 MB)

For printable versions of these materials please contact

Consultations on Children’s Services

There are less than two weeks left for families to have a say on Warwickshire County Council’s proposals to reshape services for children and families in the county. These services are currently provided through a network of children’s centres but the county has put forward ideas for a new family hub model. More information is available at:

In order to ensure the views of all people with young children are heard it is important that as many families as possible take part in the consultation process. The council is particularly keen to reach out to those people who may not currently use children’s centres and those for whom English is not a first language. Those interested can contact us directly either by phone on 01926 742350 , or via email at

In addition, council officers working on the proposals are also keen to meet parents and carers face to face or talk to them over the phone to discuss the proposals in more detail. Individuals and groups can call 01926 742350 or email

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