Free bus travel for older people

If you live in Warwickshire and were born, on or before 5 April 1953 you are eligible for a concessionary bus pass.

If you were born after 5 April 1953, check the age at which you become eligible by using the older person’s concessionary bus pass eligibility checker which will tell you when you will become eligible for a bus pass.

The bus pass can be used for free off-peak bus travel in England.

If your main home is outside Warwickshire then you are not eligible for a Warwickshire bus pass.

Find out more about using your bus pass.

How to apply

The earliest you can apply for a bus pass is one month before you become eligible.

To apply you will need to provide documents proving your age and your address.

Accepted documents:

Date of birthAddress
Driving licenceCouncil Tax bill – current tax year
PassportGas or electricity bill – less than three months old
EU National identity cardLandline telephone bill – less than three months old
Optical or medical prescriptionWater bill – less than three months old
Birth certificate in current nameNHS medical card
Birth certificate in previous name, plus proof of name changeReceipt for rent, or tenancy agreement – less than three months old

We do not except bank statements. This evidence must be your residential address.

We cannot accept a postal-only, or a business addresses. Please contact us if you cannot provide one of the above.

If you are eligible you will receive your bus pass in two weeks of your application. There is no charge for a bus pass when you apply for the first time.

In person

You can visit one of our one stop shops to complete your application in person.

You do not need to complete a form if you are applying in person. The application will be completed during your visit by the customer service advisor and a photograph will be taken of you whilst you are there. You will need to bring documents proving your age and your address (table above).

By post

If you are unable to apply in person, you can apply by post by completing the application form.

Please send the application form, a passport photo and photocopies of the relevant evidence to:

Warwickshire County Council
Concessionary Travel Team
P.O. Box 43
Barrack Street
CV34 4SX

Please do not send originals as we cannot accept responsibility for their safe return.

Free bus travel for older people was last updated on May 3, 2016.