Communities Group

Monica Fogarty

Communities Strategic Director, Monica Fogarty.

The Communities Group brings together the business units responsible for Economic Growth, Education and Learning, Localities and Community Safety, Public Health and Transport and Highways.

We employ (amongst many others) planners, civil engineers, educational psychologists, ecologists, bus drivers, information analysts, school crossing patrols, administrators and countryside rangers. Much of our work is carried out in partnership with other agencies and organisations as the best way to provide for the people of Warwickshire.

Our staff based in offices, business centres, parks and depots throughout the county and we are supported by five portfolio holding councillors who are responsible for certain areas of our work.

The following paragraphs describe the work of each business unit and may be useful to help in understanding the future shape of the organisation.

  • Economic growth business unit

    Works to provide a blueprint for growth in jobs and the development of communities and the quality of life within those communities. The work is delivered through close working with partners especially the Local Enterprise Partnership and the Unit covers Planning and Development, Regeneration Projects and Funding, Local Enterprise Partnership Delivery, Waste Management and Rural Services. The unit also houses the Communities Resources team.

  • Education and learning business unit

    Works to ensure that every child in the county attends a good or outstanding school or setting and goes on to positive life destinations, whatever their circumstances or starting point. It also works to make sure that all adult and vulnerable learners have access to high quality education and programmes.

  • Community services business unit

    Works to protect individuals and communities from harm, to empower communities to contribute to the development and choice of services and to protect and provide access to Warwickshire’s heritage and rural amenities. The services covered are Archaeology Projects, Community Safety, County Records, Drug and Alcohol Action, Emergency Management, Localities and Partnerships, Priority Families Programme, Museums, Trading Standards, Country Parks and Youth Justice.

  • Public health business unit

    Works by addressing the overall health needs of the population of Warwickshire. This involves monitoring the health status of the population, identifying health needs, emergency planning provision, controlling communicable diseases, immunisation and vaccinations programmes, screening for early disease, health improvement, and developing policies for and evaluating healthcare provision. Importantly, it is about preventing illness and promoting health to reduce the need for hospital or long term healthcare.

  • Transport and highways business unit

    Works to ensure Warwickshire has a sustainable transport network which meets the current and future needs of residents, visitors and businesses. This includes maintenance of the public highway, including rights of way, provision of socially necessary transport not provided commercially, school and adult specialist transport, management and maintenance of the County Council’s fleet of vehicles, road safety, traffic projects, design and construction of new transport infrastructure and management of road openings by public utilities.