Support for carers – types of support

2. Types of support

We fund organisations to provide the following support to carers.

  • Emotional support either one-to-one or in a group
  • Social activities and discussion groups around topics of interest
  • Opportunities to meet other carers with similar caring roles
  • Money and benefits advice
  • Help in getting specialist information and support
  • Advice and information on how to get equipment or aids that may be useful to you and the person for you care for, for example, telecare.

These services are available in Warwickshire and are free of charge.

Support organisations in Warwickshire


Tel: 02476 385888

Warwickshire Young Carers’ Project

Tel: 02476 217740

Carer’s breaks

You may value the opportunity to have a break from your caring role as this can enable you to rest, catch up with other tasks, or take part in activities that you may not normally be able to.

The types of services that may support you to have a break include:

  • Personal care for the person you care for
  • Day opportunities outside the home for the person you care for
  • Providing replacement care at home sometimes known as a sitting service
  • Longer periods of respite care in a residential home
  • Equipment and/or assistive technology, for example telecare (equipment used within the home to help keep someone safe and maintain their
    independence while you go out)
  • Home adaptations that may be available to make the home a safer and more accessible place to live
  • Advice from Occupational Therapists on aspects of daily living that reduces the time you spend caring
  • Supported housing.

All of these services are provided directly to the cared for person.

NHS Carers’ breaks and respite care

Direct Payments for carers

A carers’ Direct Payment is a sum of money we provide directly to a carer to enable them to have a fulfilling life outside of caring. This can be provided as a one off, or ongoing payments.

Mental health carer’s service

Specialist carer workers work within Warwickshire Country Council and NHS Mental Health Services to offer free and confidential support to partners, family members and close friends of individuals with mental health concerns.

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