Arson reduction

Arson is the largest single cause of major fires in the United Kingdom currently costing an estimated £2.2 billion per year, which equates to £44 million every week. This causes loss of life, hardship, injury and distress to all victims of arson and arson related incidents.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services scheme to reduce arson is by way of partnerships between the Fire Service, Warwickshire Police and the 5 District/Borough Councils.

The service has a dedicated fire investigation team of eight officers who carry out comprehensive arson scene investigation.

Strike Out

Strike Out aims to reduce deliberate fire setting by limiting the access that young people have to matches and lighters during the Halloween and Bonfire period. We ask local shops and businesses, voluntarily, to only sell matches and lighters to those over the age of 18.

We are asking shop owners to consider the following:

Since 1st October 2007, it has been illegal to sell cigarettes or tobacco to those under the age of 18, therefore, children under this age should have no reason to purchase matches or lighters.

We are asking local shops and businesses for their support to help us to put an end to this reckless and dangerous behaviour. We are requesting that local businesses support our voluntary ‘Strike Out’ scheme by only selling matches and lighters to those over the age of 18.

With their support we could put an end to this continual cycle of fire setting before someone gets seriously injured or killed.

In the wrong hands matches and lighters are dangerous; just think, it might be a relative, a neighbour or your home or business that suffers at the hands of children misusing a box of matches bought from a local shop.

Fire Protection (PDF, 63.7 KB)

For more information or advice regarding arson please contact your local fire station.