Report a pothole

The pothole reporting service will be unavailable from 11am on Friday 22 March until Monday 25 March, due to essential system maintenance. Potholes can be reported direct to our call centre on 01926 412515.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Before you start

Please note that Warwickshire County Council isn’t responsible for fixing potholes on the following roads:

  • Motorways and trunk roads (with some exceptions) these are the responsibility of Highways England
  • Private roads or roads on private land, these are the responsibility of residents of each private road or the landowner.


Pothole response times

ItemSizeNotesResponse Time
SmallTypically less than 50mmNot considered hazardous to vehicle trafficSuch defects will be considered for repair/action as part of routine maintenance programs
MediumTypically up to 50mm deepAnywhere on the carriageway but in locations where action can be taken safely to avoid the defect and damage to persons or property would not be seriousWe aim to undertake appropriate action within 28 days of being reported
LargeTypically greater than 50mm deepAnywhere with the carriageway where avoidable action could not be taken safely to avoid the defect and/or the defect could cause serious damage to persons or propertyWe aim to undertake appropriate action within 24 hours of being reported