Pre-school and children’s centres

Pre school and childrens centres


  • Looking for childcare

    Choosing childcare and early education can be a big step for many families. As well as making sure that the type of childcare you choose is the one that best meets the needs of you and your child, you also need reassurance that your child will be safe, secure, well looked-after and happy.

  • Children’s centres

    Information on the 39 children’s centres and nurseries operated by us.

  • Music and early years

    Together with your children, you will embark on an exciting musical journey, experiencing live music, together with further opportunities of accessing a wide range of musical instruments.

  • Support for children and families

    Information and advice on: adopting a child, fostering a child, protecting children, children in care, disabled children, carers and family support and youth defending service.

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