Fire safety

Fire Safety

  • Home Fire Safety

    Warwickshire Fire and Rescue service are committed to the reduction of accidental fires, as well as deaths and injuries the result of fire.

  • Fire Safety for students

    Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to encourage all students to take a few simple steps to make yourself safe, as moving out of your home and into shared accommodation should be exciting and offer new experiences during your student education.

  • Fire Safety campaigns and further information

    Warwickshire Fire and rescue service run a variety of safety campaigns aimed to raise public awareness about essential safety issues.

  • Arson reduction

    Arson is the single largest cause of major fires in the UK, it is a serious issue and can result in injury, damage to property and even loss of life. Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service are fully committed to help prevent and reduce Arson in Warwickshire.

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Fire safety was last updated on September 24, 2013.