One Organisational Plan

On Tuesday 25 February 2014 Warwickshire County Council agreed its One Organisational Plan for 2014 – 18.

This plan sets out the council’s core purpose and the desired outcomes we want to achieve for the people of Warwickshire over the next four year period.

WCC One Organisational Plan (PDF, 5.31 MB)

Our core purpose is to:

Develop and sustain a society that looks after its most vulnerable members, delivers appropriate, quality services at the right time, and seeks opportunities for economic growth and innovation.

Our five key outcomes are:

  • Our communities and individuals are safe and protected from harm and are able to remain independent for longer.
  • The health and wellbeing of all in Warwickshire is protected.
  • Our economy is vibrant, residents have access to jobs, training and skills development.
  • Warwickshire’s communities are supported by excellent communications and transport infrastructure.
  • Resources and services are targeted effectively and efficiently whether delivered by the local authority, commissioned, or in partnership.

In delivering our One Organisational Plan we will engage with Warwickshire people to help make our services fit for the future, we will engage and communicate early and make sure we listen to the feedback we receive.

To ensure we are on track to achieve the outcomes set out in the plan we are committed to robust scrutiny and regular progress reports.

Our commitment to you

  • We will engage and communicate
  • We will listen to Warwickshire
  • We will update you on our progress
  • We will tell you how we are managing our money