What can we help you with

  • Accessing employment and learning opportunities
  • Housing related needs
  • Accessing social activities and building social networks
  • Referrals to adult health services
  • Developing independent living skills
  • Developing a daily routine
  • A carer’s assessment
  • Accessing appropriate benefits
  • Help to avoid bullying or abuse

Things we can’t support with:

  • We can’t diagnose you
  • Counselling or therapy
  • A mental health emergency
  • A medical emergency

Some of the support that we can provide might cost you money. You will have a financial assessment to see if you need to contribute.

How do I access the service?

You can contact us on 01926 410410

If you do not feel comfortable using the telephone, you can ask a friend or relative to support you. Or you can complete the Referral Form and email it to:

Autism alert card

autism alert card

The Attention Card is aimed at individuals who are likely to be out in the community on their own.

Autism West Midlands have developed the Attention Card in partnership with police services across the West Midlands. It has space on the back to include the contact details of a trusted person. In stressful situations professionals are able to contact this person.

Cards are issued from the age of 11 (when a child begins secondary school). If your child is younger than this small cards will be sent out indicating that they have autism, and what this means.

If you or someone you know needs to carry this card, you can contact the Autism West Midlands helpline on 0303 0300111 or apply for one online. Just complete the form and your card will be with you within 3 weeks (usually sooner).