A wedding ceremony may take place in any religious building which has been registered for worship and marriages. You must make sure the marriage complies with both UK civil and faith law as there are certain aspects of a religious wedding that must be fulfilled.

Who to contact

Your first contact should be with the religious leader for the place you would like to marry. Following their agreement, unless marrying in the Church of England, please contact the register office where you live, to book your notice of marriage appointment. You must make your appointment at least 29 days in advance.

Ministers and priests of other religions can be authorised to register marriages. If the official performing the ceremony is not authorised, either a registrar must attend the religious ceremony or you need to have separate religious and civil ceremonies.

Marriages for same-sex couples

You can’t get married in an Anglican church as a same-sex couple. You can get married in other religious buildings if the religious organisation allows same-sex weddings to take place and the premises has been registered for the marriage of same-sex couples.

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