YouTube user guidance

Control buttons and keyboard shortcuts

ControlKeyboard shortcut
Play videoSpace bar
Pause videoSpace bar while playing
Scroll through videoRight arrow key to move 10 seconds forward; left-key to move 10 seconds back.
Display full screen‘f’ key. Esc key to return to normal view.
Change volumeUp arrow to increase volume, down-key to decrease volume.
Mute volumeDown arrow to decrease volume down to zero.
Turn subtitles on/off‘c’ key
Increase size of subtitles‘=’ key
Decrease size of subtitles‘-‘ key
Change background of subtitles‘b’ key


All of the videos on the website that contain people speaking will have subtitles. These will play automatically and can even be translated into different languages. However, the translations are automatically generated by YouTube, and we have no control over the accuracy of them. Some may be quite ‘literal’.

Changing the language of the subtitles

Click on the bottom-right button “CC”. Choose the option ‘Translate Captions’.

YouTube Caption Options

From the box that appears, you can choose the language to translate the subtitles into.

Youtube Caption Translate


We will add subtitles to all videos on this website that contain speaking. However, we realise that this may not always be enough to get the information across. We always provide a text alternative. So, if you have an auditory impairment, no headphones or speakers, or just can’t access YouTube for whatever reason, you can still get the information you need.