Workplace travel plans

A travel plan is typically a package of practical measures to encourage and enable staff to choose alternatives to single-occupancy car-use, and promote greener, cleaner travel choices.

In order for a travel plan to be successful it should be tailored to suit the needs of the particular organisation in question, and have the full backing of management and staff at all levels.

Suggestions for implementation include:

  • Setting up a car sharing scheme
  • Providing cycle facilities
  • Negotiating improved bus services
  • Offering attractive flexible-working practices
  • Restricting and/or charging for car parking

Benefits of a travel plan

Although the implementation of a travel plan will inevitably incur costs in terms of both time and money, the wider benefits gained arguably outweigh these:

  • Reduced journey times and costs
  • Improved health and morale of workforce
  • Enhanced environmental company image
  • Avoidance of future parking and congestion charging
  • Reduced demand for on-site parking

Organisations with travel plans appear more responsible towards their employees and local community and the environment – with the possibility of travel plans being used to gain environmental accreditations such as ISO 14001 and EMAS.

Warwickshire County Council encourages businesses to implement Travel Plans.

Travel plan templates and guidance

All template documents are intended to be used as guidelines. They need to be adapted to your businesses individual requirements.